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little luxuries

Looking for a way to treat Dad this Father's Day? Here are some of our favorites from Little Luxuries, Artists Market and Canvas + Paddle!

Coffee Scoops: Get Dad the perfect coffee gift. These fun coffee scoops are a great addition to his gift filled with a mug + coffee.

Great Lakes Mug: We love this mug for sipping on coffee all summer long and we know that Dad will too!

Michigan Awesome Coffee: This coffee can be found at Canvas and Paddle! It has been SO popular this summer, that we can barely keep it in stock! Grab this coffee for Dad and we know he'll love it! 

Mackinac Island Bottle Opener: These are new to Canvas and Paddle this summer, but definitely a favorite! Quality leather bottle openers paired with a six pack of Dad's favorite craft beer are the perfect gift for a summer Sunday spent celebrating Dad!

Michigan Outdoors Baseball Cap: These baseball hats have been SO popular this summer! They are perfect for the Dad that loves a good summer hat and also loves the great outdoors of Michigan!

Michigan Great Lakes Icon T-Shirt: Does Dad love the great state of Michigan? Grab him this t-shirt for him to wear with pride all summer long! 

Dapper Dan Soap from Cellar Door: Is Dad a Dapper Dan? Shop this soap for him that is filled with scents of exotic woods, musk, oakmoss, rose, getting your hair expertly coifed in a prohibition era barbershop.

Father's Day Card: We love this card for Dad for Father's Day! It's from a new artist featured at The Artists Market of Mackinac Island, Pen + Piper!  

We hope this gives you a good idea of what goods to find for Dad in the shops! If you need more suggestions, follow us on Instagram, where we share more ideas in our stories! 


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Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island

Today we had a book signing with the authors of Lilacs: A Fortnight of Fragrance on Mackinac Island. Here are some pictures from the event, plus some fun facts that our staff has learned about lilacs during this year's Lilac Festival. 

Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island

Lilacs belong to the sans family as the olive.

◦ Lilacs are edible.

◦ Lilac bushes can live over 100 years! 

The purple lilacs have the strongest scent compared to other colors 

Lilacs symbolize spring and renewal. They also symbolize confidence, which makes them a traditionally popular gift for graduates 

European colonists frost brought over their beloved lilac bushes to North America in the 1750’s

Lilacs have been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history. Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet both gave famous works depicting the beauty of lilacs in their paintings 

A lilacs smell can change depending on the season! A lilacs scent can change character based on the years climate. A cool spring and summer will trails a different scent than a hot season. 

It was an honor to host Sue Allen and Jeff Young today! I am so excited about this brand new book about the lilacs on Mackinac Island. The rich history of Mackinac’s lilacs needs to be cherished and this book will help preserve them.

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Lilacs on Mackinac
Today we are sharing some of our favorite lilac goodies that we have in the shop!
Elizabeth W. Lilac Perfume: Spritz on some of this perfume for a romantic, fresh, and floral aroma. A lovely scent of lilac with subtle hints of jasmine, neroli, and freesia that will leave you smelling like Mackinac during lilac season all year long.
Beth Mueller Lilac Mug: Artist, Beth Mueller was born in rural Indiana. Her artwork is inspired by having lived there, her travels, family, and day to day experiences.Beth and Nicole, owner of Little Luxuries, have worked together since 2009. Beth has created a beautiful collection of specially made pottery for Little Luxuries. Handmade in Vermont.
Lilac Gift Set
Island Girl Lilac Gift Set: Need a great Grab and Go gift? These make perfect party favors, holiday gifts, and a nice thank you for anyone! They are also just what you need for any hotel room or travel. The scents are the perfect way to capture Mackinac in June, for those friends and family members who aren’t able to join you on the island during Lilac season. 
Lilac Soap
Island Girl Lilac Soap: Do you love the smell of lilacs in the Spring? Well, this soap is your answer to capturing the scent all year around. It is a dead ringer for a lilac bush in full bloom. We waited until we found the right lilac scent and this won. We add dried purple heather for a little color and texture. This is a must if you are looking for a strong fresh floral scent.
Blooming Lilac Candle
Blooming Lilac Candle from Milk Reclamation Barn: These candles have been repurposed into beautiful soy candles. Blooming Lilac reminds us of lilacs on Mackinac in full bloom, while spreading scents of happiness, love and tranquility.
Island Girl Lilac Crew Sweatshirt: Grab this lilac sweatshirt for when you are missing Mackinac Island! This sweatshirt will remind you of your favorite days biking past so many beautiful lilacs. This is the perfect comfy and cozy sweatshirt, yet classic! but classic enough that it'll never go out of style!
Lilac Bubble Bath
Lilac Blossom Bubble Bath: Sink into soft, fragrant lather of our Lilac Bubble Bath. Indulge in this age-old ritual to rejuvenate your skin, senses and spirit.
Nat + Noor Barrettes: We love this set of blue and light purple barrettes. The color is perfect for pairing with your outfits while on the island for the lilac festival. 
Island Girl Lilac Hoodie Dress: Missing Mackinac Island? Grab this Island Girl hoodie dress to remind you of days biking your favorite spot! You can pair this hoodie dress with jeans or leggings for the perfect cozy and comfortable look! 
Mackinac Island Lilac Tray
Mackinac Island Lilac Tray: This is the perfect serving tray for when you have company over! It will be a great conversation starter about days spent on Mackinac smelling and enjoying the lilacs.
We are so excited for lilac season this summer! These are just a few of the many lilac goodies that we have in the shop. To see more, visit our Lilac Goodies collection here!
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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to the summer season on Mackinac! We are so excited for a fun weekend on Mackinac Island! We know it will be busy and we can’t wait to see you! 

This past week on Instagram, I asked “Are you planning a trip to Mackinac this season? Any tips you would like to know?” 

Here are some of the fun questions that I answered!

Best place for breakfast? Chuckwagon has a really good breakfast! I really like Watercolor Cafe for a light breakfast with an amazing view!

What is your favorite thing to do that is not “touristy”? Kayaking, Walks, Hiking and Bike Rides are my favorite!

We’ve come to the island every July for almost 30 years! What is new or unique this year? There is a new tasting room opening up across the street from Little Luxuries. Sip n’ Sail Sunset Cruises are newer and fun! Watercolor cafe has art classes!

Secret Garden

How to get to the secret garden? I know it’s a secret! Here are the details: before you get to the Grand Hotel, turn to the left by the tennis courts and follow the trail about 100 yards. There’s a small trail on the right with tons of ferns and keep walking. It is inside that area!

What are the best kid-friendly restaurants? We enjoy Mary’s Bistro and the Ice House (behind the Island House Hotel). The Gate House at the Grand Hotel is spacious and has good kid’s meals, too!

We are coming for our honeymoon! What are some good hidden treasures? There are so many hidden treasures here! Sunset Rock, Leslie Avenue, The Cupola Bar inside the Grand Hotel, Stairs to West Bluff, Anne’s Tablet. These are my favorite!

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We’re SO excited for Little Traverse Tileworks! ✨

Little Traverse Tileworks is now located in Harbor Springs in a NEW location!

We’re so excited for new owner, Cora and this new adventure! 

Little Traverse Tileworks has a small retail space and then a studio space to make their beautiful tiles!

Little Traverse Tileworks is currently hiring. Check them out here!

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