Thank you for shopping with us! We are so glad you are here! Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question, scroll below and see if we have already answered it! If we did not answer your question, email Nicole at info@littleluxuriesofmackinac.com or call 906.847.9980.


How do I visit you?

Little Luxuries' storefront is open May 1st through October 31st.  We are located below the Lilac Tree Hotel in the middle of Main Street. Mackinac Island is a unique destination...to get here, you must take a ferry from either Mackinaw City or St. Ignace, MI.  Or you can fly too! Find out more details at www.mackinacisland.org.


What are your hours?

We are open every day from May 1st - October 31st.  Beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day we are open 10AM-10PM!


I make things; how can I get my product in your store?

If you are an artist and have products that may fit into Little Luxuries, please email Nicole at littleluxuries.mackisland@yahoo.com


Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! A gift certificate is sometimes the perfect gift {simple and fast!}. Under 'categories' click on 'gift cards' and follow the simple steps. Please note: gift cards are emailed electronically when ordered from our website, not through the mail. 


I am getting married and would like to purchase goodies from your store to give our guests/bridesmaids. How do I go about this?

Getting married?? We love weddings and we want to help you find the perfect gifts for your wedding party and/or guests. Send an email to Nicole at littleluxuries.mackisland@yahoo.com stating your question. We supply the gift bags, tissue and ribbon and delivery on the island.  You tell us what you would like inside the bags, we will package them up pretty and deliver! Worry free for the busy bride-to-be!


There is something I would like to purchase, but it says OUT OF STOCK. What do I do?

That means the item is currently out of stock.  Send an email to littleluxuries.mackisland@yahoo.com explaining which item you would like, when you need it by, and how many. We will work with you to hopefully get the correct item for you!


Do you sell gift boxes?

We sure do! We have two sizes of gift boxes to choose from.  These are available on our website during our season only. If you would like something special done, please give us a call at 906.847.9980 or email littleluxuries.mackisland@yahoo.com 


Do you sell wine online?

Our wine is not available online, however, we do have a Michigan wine section in our storefront. We can ship the wine from our storefront or over the phone, but not as an internet sale. 


I would like something special ordered?

We do special orders all the time! Just send an email to Nicole at littleluxuries.mackisland@yahoo.com