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little luxuries

Have you ever looked at Little Luxuries’ collection of Lake Art? Lake Art, custom made in Harbor Springs, Michigan (only about 45 minutes south of the Mackinac Bridge) is one of a kind and customizable! 

Lake Art

Lake Art is the company that started making 3D wooden lake maps, in the early 2000s. All of the orders are made in the United States by a small family owned and operated company and most of the process is done by hand! 
Lake Art
The number of layers on the art depends on the shape of the lake, so each one is creative and unique to the actual lake design. Lake Art has a pop of color included, with blue stain added to the natural coloring of the stain, as well. 
Next time you are in the shop, look at our collection of Lake Art! If you don’t see the lake you want on their list of offerings, they will work to make a custom map for you! 
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Today’s Monday Maker is about Pretty Mitten Designs, from right here in Michigan! Originally, Pretty Mitten Designs was named Just So! Jewelry, but has since made the name change. Created in 2000, this jewelry line has become a favorite in many boutiques, museums gift shops, galleries and has been mentioned in quite a few magazines. Pretty Mitten Designs has been part of Little Luxuries since 2010, but is making the switch over to the Artists Market for the first time this summer! Denise, the owner of Pretty Mitten Designs has been amazing to work with over the past nine years - it's great to work with such amazing and talented artists! 


Pretty Mitten Designs

We carry two of their designs at the Artists Market of Mackinac Island: Dittos and Mich-tagrams. 

Dittos highlight and celebrate the little things in life that bring joy! The collection includes something as simple as lady bug earrings, cherries (as a shoutout to the National Cherry Capital of the World, found here in Michigan!) or dog paw prints.

Pretty Mitten Designs

Mich-tagrams recognize moments from the Great State of Michigan. Earrings highlighting the Detroit skyline, colorful patterns that remind one of a beach walk or Mackinac lilac earrings. 

Pretty Mitten Designs

Every design is made and designed with love and care! They make quality jewelry at competitive and affordable prices. Next time you stop into the Artists Market, be sure to look at the Pretty Mitten Designs section! 

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Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to get Mom for this special day. I’ve picked out three of my favorite products that we carry to share with you. I wouldn’t mind receiving as a present, so hopefully this will help give you some ideas for what to buy your favorite mom.
Jenna Kator
Peninsulas Wallet by Jenna Kator Handbags: This wallet keeps me organized and looking stylish! The inside has many different compartments that help to be able to fit all of your necessities inside. 
Relax Perfume by Lollia: The lavender and honey aromas of this perfume is so classic. It is a fresh scent that leaves you feeling pretty and ready to conquer the day ahead.
Farmhouse Fresh
Farmhouse Fresh: I love this line! It is all-natural, fun and fresh. Everything they make is good for your skin and it really works! My personal favorite is the Whoopie Cream Shea Butter, which is soft and smells great!
On top of finding the perfect gift for Mom at Little Luxuries, we also have an assortment of special, silly or sentimental Mother’s Day cards. We hope we are able to help you truly celebrate those women in your life who mean the most to you this year!
Nicole Doud
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This week’s Monday Maker is about Mud & Maker, “Unconvential Pottery for Unconventional People.” 
Mud & Maker
Mud & Maker is run by Stephanie and Ryan, from Pennsylvania. Stephanie started working with clay products almost 15 years ago and never looked back! Stephanie and Ryan use nature, their surroundings and people that they have met as inspiration for the products that they create. 
Mud & Maker
Mud & Maker is truly unconventional. They work to blend multiple techniques and mediums into original pieces that you can’t find anywhere. Along the way, they also add their own sassy twist! The collection of products that they sell includes glasses, bowls, mugs, signs, hooks, garden signs, planters and more! 
Mud & Maker
We hope that you will pop into the Artists Market of Mackinac Island this summer to see the collection of Mud & Maker products that we carry!
Photo Courtesy: Mud & Maker
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Easter Weekend is almost here, which means fun treats, egg hunts, pastel colors galore, egg dyeing and more exciting memories to be made! As the boys get older, it’s fun to see them remember the traditions that we celebrate each year and look forward to doing those same fun things again! Here are a few cute pictures of the boys enjoying our Easter traditions last year:
Doud BoysDoud Boys
Doud Boys
Last year, I made this sweet and savory Bunny Munch that everyone, kids included, loved! I plan to make it again this Easter for all to enjoy.
Moritz Fine Designs
-4 cups chex cereal (your preference on wheat, corn or rice)
-2 cups stick pretzels
-2 cups cheerios
-1 cup candy coated Easter eggs (Hershey’s, Cadbury, M&M’s, or whatever you prefer!)
-1 12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips
-Mix all ingredients (minus the white chocolate chips)
-Microwave and melt the white chocolate chips for 90 seconds, pausing to stir as needed, until it is completely melted.
-Pour the chocolate over the mix and stir in thoroughly.
-Place the mixture on wax paper and put in the fridge until it is hard and ready to enjoy!
Recipe and Photo Credit from Moritz Fine Designs
Another tradition that the boys are starting to love is dyeing eggs! Instead of purchasing Easter Egg dye, we have tried making it! An article from Country Living had a recipe where you use different kinds of fruits and veggies to make the coloring, which is fun for the boys to see how that works!
Country Living
The recipe is simple:
-1 Quart of Water
-1 Tablespoon of Salt
-2 Tablespoons of Vinegar
-2 Tablespoons of the fruit, vegetable or spice for coloring
-Mix all those ingredients together and boil.
-Simmer for 30 minutes, strain the dye, let it cool and then dip your eggs!
Recipe and Photo Credit from Country Living
I hope that you enjoy Easter Sunday surrounded by your loved ones, with sweet treats and colorful eggs!
Little Luxuries
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