Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? Here is a scavenger hunt that we recently did with the boys!

Clue 1: Follow the clues for a gift to you. The first one is easy. It's where you keep your shoes. 

Clue 2: The next clue is easily seen. Go to the place where the clothes go to get clean! 

Clue 3: This isn't a wild goose chase if you go to where you can see your face!

Clue 4: You have worked so hard to get every clue. To get the next one, goto where the coffee is brewed.  

Clue 5: I'm sure you love this game. Now look where your picture is in a frame.

Clue 6: To find this clue you will need to be skilled. It's in the place where the food stays chilled.  

Clue 7: You fill me up and drain me when done. Adding bubbles to me always makes me more fun! 

Clue 8: Your final surprise is where we eat on special events. The hunt is over, so come take a seat! 


We had candy waiting for them in the dining room when they finished their hunt! It was a fun way to greet them when they arrived home from school! ❤️ 

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