Winter Time

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Many of our customers wonder where and what we do in the 'off-season'.  For ten years it was pretty simple, my husband and I lived on Mackinac Island year-round. We would take a few trips for work and pleasure, worked on projects for our businesses and at home.  Our friends and family and customers often wondered and still wonder how we lived on an island during the winter months without going crazy. Our motto is: it's what you make it. If you want to be at home and rest during these quiet months, do it. If you want to keep busy and accomplish projects, do it.  Now our lives are a little more complicated....
It is our third winter in Petoskey, MI, a small town just 35 miles SW of Mackinaw City.  We love the town of Petoskey and it's a great place to raise a family. Of course, we absolutely love Mackinac Island too; however, going to buying shows, meeting with vendors, visiting family, traveling and raising kids; living off the island during the winter months is best for our growing family and busy lives.
Now you probably wonder how my husband still goes to work (owner of Doud's Market) and how online orders are shipped from our stores. Andrew commutes to the island 3-4 times a week weather permitting and our online orders are shipped out by a few of our amazing employees who live on Mackinac Island year-round. 
We are very lucky to be able to live in two beautiful northern Michigan towns. If you follow me on Instagram you will notice my stories and posts in the winter time are more 'off island', and during the summer season, they are on the island. I apologize if I have confused any of you and I have been meaning to explain our unique lives for awhile now. 
Thank you, again, for your continued support and friendship and love for Mackinac Island and all of northern Michigan. 

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