We're Hiring for 2023!

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Looking for a summer job? Little Luxuries is HIRING! 
As a new season approaches, we are looking for positive, motivated, hard working individuals who have a love for retail and people to join our team!
Some common questions we get asked about working and living on Mackinac:
Does Little Luxuries hire part time? We do! We are open until 10pm Memorial Day - Labor Day, so we hire evening shifts especially.
What is the minimum age to work at Little Luxuries? We do hire 17 year old's, but you must be 18 years old or older to live in our housing.
What do you pay? We pay minimum wage and higher, depending on experience. Full time is 40 - 45 hours per week.
Still want to know what it’s like to live and work on Mackinac? Read what Saylor and Bella, current employees of Little Luxuries' had to say:
Saylor said: “When I first started working for Nicole, I had no retail experience and wasn’t quite sure what Mackinac Island was all about. As time went by, I was quickly learning all of the tasks it took to work alongside my other coworkers, thanks to Nicole! The key things to know for Little Luxuries are knowing the products, being comfortable with using the registers, and knowing the tone of voice to use with customers. This will be my second year working for her and my confidence and growth in retail have expanded immensely in that time. Not only has I gained an amazing experience but I have also made friendships that will last a lifetime. Both work and social life on the island is something you don’t want to pass up. Mackinac Island will always be my happy place.”
Bella says: “Working on Mackinac Island at Little Luxuries was an experience like nothing else! It is better than any other retail job because almost everyone there is on vacation, so customers are always in a good mood and ready to talk and tell you all the cool things they have done on the island that day (and ask tons of questions about what living on the island is like). Getting to see people enjoy the island and tell you their great experiences is like reliving the island yourself everyday and in new ways! Working at Little Luxuries has brought joy into my life and has helped me find a new place I can call home.” 
We provide excellent housing and competitive pay, plus fun perks! We are looking for retail associates to work full season, April - November 1
Email littleluxuriesmanager@yahoo.com your resume and references to apply!

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