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Hi all! 

The end of August is approaching very quickly which only means one thing-the beginning of fall! I feel like it was just yesterday that our "beginning of the season" post was being sent out! But no worries,

our stores will still be open and full of life until October 29th, the same day the Grand Hotel closes for the winter. We are looking forward to meeting more of you in person before then! 

**Also, I want to note that our Little Luxuries online store will remain active all winter. Instead of bringing your gifts home with you, we will have them shipped right to your doorstep!**

I hope you and your family can soon feel the summer craziness begin to slow down as autumn approaches. I know my family can! Although, this fall feels a little bit different because we have a new family member to prepare for [Baby Doud's due date is mid-November]. We are getting so excited to meet our newest little angel!  

It does sadden our hearts to watch the summer season come to a close, we LOVE when autumn makes its first appearance on the island. The cooler weather, the beautiful change of colors in nature, a stronger sense of community among the island residents, and pumpkin added to everything!!

[See some of my favorite fall recipes below-Click the link to check them out]

Pumpkin and Sage Stuffed Shells

Pumpkin Pancakes 

The pumpkin stuffed shells are so easy to make and have such a delicious flavor! And my boys absolutely love the pumpkin pancakes-they add a healthy twist to breakfast which I love as a mother. I hope you and your family can enjoy them too! 

Happy cooking! 




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This year was our 8th summer trunk show with Jenna Kator from the Jenna Kator Collection! It is always a favorite event for myself and our staff. We had two giveaways throughout the afternoon - one of Jenna's wristlets and one of our Island Girl handbags. Customers had a chance to pre-order from the new fall collection which will be available next month! 
Jenna and I have become lifelong friends from our working relationship. We started our businesses at the same time, our children are very close in age and we can connect on many levels through work and life. She has been a positive influence for me and I am very grateful to be able to work with Jenna and carry her beautiful handbags. I also had the privilege of co-designing a line of custom handbags together that you can find here.   
Jenna is a big part of the Mackinac Island community, especially the Women's Wellness Weekend which takes place every October. Jenna brings a bus full of women from the Detroit area to Mackinac Island for a fun girls getaway! We host a private trunk show for her group and this year her group is over 70 women!  The weekend benefits the Mackinac Island Community Cancer Fund. You can find more information here
We look forward to welcoming Jenna to the island again very soon! 
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Yesterday, my good friend Carly Woods from Pearls and Paint took a trip to the island to visit my three shops! She wasn't only coming to make a visit, but also to film video tours of her favorite items throughout the stores. 

Pearls and Paint is a home styling company that is based in the eastern portion of the Upper Peninsula. Carly began this company as a pursuit of her passion for home styling, although she still dedicates time to being a real estate agent full time and a mother of two. 

"My favorite thing is listening to [my clients] tell me how they need a space to work for them, hunting for how to achieve that, and then watching their face light up when I show them my design."

Carly spent time in all three stores-Little Luxuries, Canvas and Paddle, and The Artists Market-giving the viewer tips on where select items would work well in a home as well as how she would use those home goods in her own house. We had a blast hearing her thoughts on how to style with our products! 

When asked what her favorite home styling tip is to give someone, she responded with, "I love to tell my clients to 'design your space to fit your function. You should love the space you live in, whether home or office.'"

We encourage you to check out her other "how-to" videos on her Facebook Page if you are looking for a home-styler to bring ideas to your next house project! Carly also does personal consulting for specific room arrangements. Her business card information is displayed below:

Thanks again for visiting, Carly! 




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Hi there!

This week, we have a special edition to share with you: our summer employees' favorite products! If you have wanted to get to know some of our hard workers this year or learn more about select products, keep reading (this is the blog for you)!

To start us off, Emily (I'm sure a familiar face to many of you), our wonderful store manager from St. Ignace, MI., chose to feature our perfume line, Lollia. Here's what she had to say: 

"The reason I love this line of perfumes is because you can wear your favorite scent all day and it lasts without needing to reapply often. 'In Love' is the scent that I chose. The reason I think it's an overall good fit for Little Luxuries is because it aims towards every age group, not only with the packaging, but also with each scent-they both represent each individual who is buying it. Plus the packaging is so pretty and I love that the line is made right in the USA!"  

Lexy, our retail associate from Harbor Springs, MI., chose to feature our Shower Therapy bombs-yes, shower bombs do exist! Here's what she had to say: 

"These bombs definitely fill up your whole shower with its aroma! Each bomb lasts about four showers, but make sure to set it on a ledge or shelf-too much exposure to water makes the bomb disintegrate quickly. I have used both the Eucalyptus and Lemongrass bombs. The Eucalyptus one is very strong but by the end of the shower, I felt like I could breathe better-it was definitely a stress reliever. The Lemongrass one also smelled so good and fresh! I'm excited to try more scents!"

Annie, our retail associate from Rochester, MI., chose to feature 'The Home T' mug that reads "I Woke Up Happy". Here's what she had to say:

"I love my Home T mug because of its sweet and comforting quote on the front. It reminds me each morning to start the day off with a positive attitude while sipping on my warm coffee. These mugs are also great because they are an affordable price, can be easily washed in the dishwasher, and is a modest size, making sure your coffee doesn't get too cold before you can drink it! Also, 10% of The Home T's profits are donated to multiple sclerosis research." 


Kimmy, our retail associate from Clarkston, MI., chose to feature the Island Girl of Mackinac T-Shirt from our Island Girl collection. Here's what she had to say: 

"I would highly recommend this t-shirt because of its cozy feel and I love the cut of it-I think it flatters all body types of women. I also love the logo that is on it because it really encompasses the idea of being on the island. As an island girl, this is my first time here, and I have learned to truly embrace living on the island in a carefree way, just like the logo suggests!"

Leigh (left) and Kathleen (right), retail associates and cousins from Nashville, TN., chose to feature our bags of Mackinac Granola (Organic) from our food collection. Here's what they had to say:  

Leigh- "This organic granola is deliciously sweet with the dried fruit that it includes. It's good to pair with a bowl of yogurt or just to eat by the handful. Coming up with my family from Nashville every summer, this granola always reminds me of big family breakfasts on the island!" 

Kathleen- "I love the mix of sweet and salty-the sweet oat flavor and the salty pistachio and pumpkin seeds. The pecans in the granola definitely bring me back to my Southern roots. Also my mom and aunts love to make homemade granola, so trying this Mackinac Granola is great to bring home to my family!"



Bryanna, our retail associate from Imlay, MI., chose to feature our vintage silverware rings from our sister store, The Artists Market. Here's what she had to say: 

"I own a couple different pieces of jewelry from The Artists Market, but I love my two Vintage Silverware Rings because they add a vintage flare to any kind of outfit. It's such a timeless piece of jewelry, especially since it is authentic silverware from the 1900's. These rings are triple-plated with silver, and so far, I have had no problems with wear and tear or water exposure. Also, these are such a perfect, unique gift to give someone!"

As for me, Nicole, I chose to feature my Meanwhile Back on the Farm bag, also from our sister store, The Artists Market. It is made very well. The straps are real leather and get softer the more I use it. The interior of the bag has the cutest fabric! The bag doesn't show dirt. It's a great every day tote to carry a little bit of everything. I highly recommend Meanwhile Back on the Farm for any type of tote! 

Thanks for reading this week! I hope you learned a little bit more about our staff this summer and were able to add a few more items to your wish list. Our summer hours are 9:30am-10:00pm seven days a week, so be sure to stop in soon! Also, our online store can be found here if you're ready to get shopping!






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Last Thursday I traveled to Cleveland, OH with two of my employees, Emily and Lexy for a wholesale gift show, Niche Fair. I saved this show for The Artists Market of Mackinac Island. I knew I would find unique makers at this particular show. I was right, Niche Fair was an awesome experience! I am so glad I made the long trip. 
With only 75 vendors, it was easy to walk through, no lines and you felt at home. The vendors were personable and it was great to see some of my current makers in person and new products for the new year. 
Niche Fair is about being authentic. It is a brand new show created for buyers, like me, who want something different. Stephanie Jones, the curator {pictured with me below}, is amazing! Her and her team covered all the details and made this a great opportunity for young makers in the wholesale business and for retailers like myself. I am very lucky to have connected with Stephanie! 
All American Canning Co. is one of my current vendors at Little Luxuries of Mackinac. How fun is their label and jam flavors?! The strawberry shortcake preserve is my favorite! Look for new flavors this spring in our shop!
Of course, we have to make some time for some fun too! Lexy, Emily and myself make a great team. We are SO excited to bring on the new season! Niche Fair was definitely a great way to start off the season! 
Cleveland is a fun, clean city from what we saw. We stayed at the Westin right downtown and only had time to have lunch at Coastal Taco {it was very good!}near the river. 
Thank you Cleveland and thank you Niche Fair! 
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