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Woodward Throwbacks
Today’s Monday Maker is about an innovative artist right here in Michigan, Woodward Throwbacks! What started out as a way to have furniture and clean up the streets of Detroit, has turned into using reusable materials from all over Downtown Detroit to create usable products that carry history and help employ locals all throughout the greater-Detroit area.
Woodward Throwbacks
Woodward Throwbacks is founded on the basis of being a salvaged materials company - on their website they say: “We didn’t want to be a cool brand in someone’s basement. We wanted to employ locals, renovate vacant buildings and be a model for modern manufacturing.” 
Woodward Throwbacks
We currently carry Woodward Throwbacks poster hangers, signs, key chains, bottle openers, coat racks and more. Stop in to see our collection of their work and purchase a product to help restore the city of Detroit and employ Michigan workers!
Woodward Throwbacks
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Today’s Monday Maker is about Lulu & Bird, a new artist at the shop this year!
Lulu & Bird
Lulu and Bird started because owner, Kristen, wanted to have a creative outlet. One day, she saw a doll pattern at a craft store and thought that she could teach herself how to sew and make little dolls for her daughters and her nieces. The more she worked at sewing and creating the dolls, the better she got! She would take the dolls into work and embroider their faces during her lunch break. This prompted her co-workers to ask her to create dolls for their children! 
Lulu & Bird
Since starting Lulu & Bird, she has not only taught herself how to sew, she has also started creating her own doll patterns and has a few different custom creations. Kristen would tell you that since starting Lulu & Bird, it has helped to push her outside of her comfort zone, as she has learned to reach out to different shops and how to sew / create different patterns! She loves seeing people (especially her children!) enjoying her dolls!
Of course, the question we had for her when we started carrying her items was “Where did the name come from?” Well, her daughter’s names are Lila and Wren, which are affectionately nicknamed Lulu and Bird! Since she started creating these dolls for her daughters, it’s only right that this creative venture is named for them! 
Next time you stop in, pick up a Lulu & Bird doll for your daughter, niece or friend’s daughter - you won’t regret it! 
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Motor City Barrels
Motor City Barrels started out as a project for owner Robbie Lambert’s wedding and ended with him and his Dad having their own company!
Motor City Barrels
The barrel materials that are used are from the whiskey, wine and beer barrels that are used to age alcohol. When the barrels are no longer useable for this process, they are typically just thrown out. Motor City Barrels repurposed these barrels into furniture and decor. 
Motor City Barrels
The barrels must first be taken apart, wood from the inside scraped out and then sanded. Finally the fun part of sawing and assembling the pieces can start!
We currently carry their wall bottle openers, candles, cork stopper, heart and peace sign made from steel and more! We’re proud to carry this creative Michigan based company!
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Banana Muffin
Happy Saturday! With the weather becoming cooler on Mackinac Island, I was able to turn on the oven and make the boys a special breakfast treat of Banana Muffins with chocolate chips that they all just loved!
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 bananas
1/4 cup honey
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 egg
1/2 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt
1 tablespoon unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup chocolate chips
Mash bananas and mix with honey, olive oil, egg, yogurt, milk. Mix all dry ingredients together and add to banana mixture. 
Place batter in greased muffin tin. Cook at 350 for 20 minutes! 
Going into the new school year, I know that the boys will love having these as a special treat! I hope you enjoy!
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Today’s Monday Maker is about Mackinac Island’s favorite landscape and gardening team, Barnwell Landscape and Design!

Barnwell Landscape and Design!

They help keep all of the flower boxes at The Artists Market of Mackinac, Little Luxuries, Canvas and Paddle and so many more businesses (like Doud’s Market) looking beautiful with fresh florals and greenery in the window boxes.

Barnwell Landscape and Design

Owner Jack Barnwell has won many awards for his stunning designs and craftsmanship in this field. He also now has a book, The Gardens of Mackinac Island, that we sell in the shop! The beautiful pictures don’t even do justice to the real beauty of his work.

Barnwell Landscape and Design

Currently the Grand Garden Show is happening here on Mackinac Island! Part of the show involves tours of private residences’ on the island that Barnwell Landscape and Design have created!

Barnwell Landscape and Design

Next time you are in the shop, pick up his brand new book to take home and make sure to look at some of his stunning work around the island.

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