Michigan Maker: Clever Goods Co. + Imagination Starters

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We are so excited to introduce to you a Michigan company that we love. Clever Goods Co. creates beautiful metal and enamel artwork for home, gifts and your garden.

All of their one of a kind pieces are created in their studio in Cedar Springs, Michigan. They start with a sheet of copper creating unique shapes cut by a laser. Torch fire enameling creates the bright and vibrant shades of glass you see on the enameled pieces.


These beautiful copper enamel pieces can be used indoors our outdoors. They are so fun and colorful for your flower beds. If you are wondering what to get your Mom or Grandma for Mother’s Day this year, this is absolutely the perfect gift!

Along with Clever Goods Co., this talented company is also the makers behind Imagination Starters, the placemats we carry that you all love!

Did you know that Imagination Starters is a Michigan company? These placemats are made with parents and kids in mind! Grab a placemat for dinner out, dinner with friends or just for them to color on while you are prepping dinner!

All the placemats are reusable and encourage the use of fine motor skills in your kids. These are the perfect gift for any holiday (think about Easter coming up)! These placemats are super easy to clean with a baby wipe or damp cloth, making them ready for the next meal!

We carry a variety of fun placemats that you kids will love - farm, jungle, sea, construction, dinosaur and princess are the current favorites! When you are purchasing the placemat, we also carry all the accessories that you would need - chalkboard crayon or chalk markers!

This year we also added their fun Chalkboard Minimats that are more educational - letters & shapes sets that come with crayons! Check out this pre-made set here: https://littleluxuriesofmackinac.com/products/chalkboard-minimats-letters-shapes-set?_pos=4&_sid=862545c05&_ss=r. This is definitely a fun favorite and easy for traveling since it’s just 5x7.

We love finding Michigan companies for you - because we know you love supporting our local Michigan artists and businesses! We are always so excited to introduce you to new companies that we know will quickly become a household favorite. The best part is, this company has something for everyone - you and your kids!

Head to the website to shop our collection of Imagination Starter goods here: https://littleluxuriesofmackinac.com/search?q=Imagination+starters.

For more information about Clever Goods Co. and when their beautiful pieces will arrive this spring, check our emails each week! We will be sure to update you there when they arrive!

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