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This week, we thought it would be fun to have Nicole answer some questions! Everyone is asking each other for recommendations on what to read, what to watch, anything that they haven't thought of yet! Here are some questions that Nicole answered about what she's doing!
What are you reading right now? 
Health and business podcasts when I get some free time. I am enjoying Natalie Freeman's new podcast on business and Dr. Brownstein's, blog who is a holistic doctor. 
What is a TV show you'd recommend? 
I actually do not watch much television.  It's usually Ninjago or Star Wars these days, but since the stay at home order was in effect, my husband got me to watch the Netflix series, Ozark. It was very intense! Ozark is not your happy, feel good show. Haha!
Outside of getting the shops ready, are you doing any fun projects? 
I have had on my 'to-do list' to get more things on our walls! I am working on getting our family photos on some of our walls as well as inspirational verses that I live by. Instead of scrapbooks, I enjoy photo books. I just got our winter photo book printed. If I don't do it now, it might be a year before I do it!
What is your quarantine comfort food? 
Oh, gosh! I feel like that's all I've been doing lately is eating! I've been snacking on my favorite tortilla chips with salsa or hummus, the zucchini bread I made for the first time from Joanna Gaine's recipe book, and chocolate from the boys' Easter baskets! 
What is the boys' favorite quarantine comfort food? 
Pancakes and pizza AND cookies! 
What is one piece of advice for anyone working from home? 
Deep breaths! haha! I'm learning I can't stress out too much with how much I do NOT accomplish in a day that I would like to. There's always tomorrow and the day after. We are extra sensitive right now. We can only do what we can do. If you go to bed early one night, make the next day extra productive. If you stay up late working on things or can't sleep, then know the next day will be not be as productive. We are all in this together. Stay positive, listen to music, podcasts, read inspirational quotes, bake, go for a walk, do 25 jumping jacks... I also make lists. I'm slower at accomplishing my lists right now with homeschooling, Tommy's broken arm has slowed me down too, and keeping up with house chores. Organizing also helps me be more productive. I hope some of these will help you as well! 

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