Nicole's Mackinac Island Trip Tips

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Use this guide to help plan your activities during your Mackinac island stay! 

Picnic Spots

Some of my favorite places for a picnic are Marquette Park, Windermere Point, along M-185, and British Landing. Doud's Market has all the essentials to make a picnic just right! Enjoy a delicious and affordable lunch at The Dog House at Windermere Point where you eat outside at the point.

Bicycle Trail

Mackinac Island is filled with beautiful bike trails. One of my favorites is Garrison Road which takes you past the cemetery and skull cave. I dare you to try a new bicycle trail each time you visit!

Family Activity

Our family loves to visit Fort Mackinac and have lunch at the Tea Room, tour the Butterfly House, throw rocks along the boardwalk or grab a hotdog and fly kites at Windermere Point. There's a great playground at Marquette Park. It's fun to run through the grass or bring a board game to the lawn at Mission Point Resort. We love getting donuts at The Feed Bag at Surrey Hill for a special treat, then checking out Grand Hotel Stable & Carriage Museum.

Insider Tip

There's a new Irish Pub on Main Street called Patrick Doud's Irish Pub. Check this out to learn some cool Mackinac history and enjoy an Irish meal. Many do not know you can play putt putt golf at Mission Point Resort. They even have glow golf in the dark! It's a great time with friends or family!

Sunset Spot

Mackinac is known for the best sunsets. Our favorite spots are along the boardwalk, British Landing, the porch at Grand Hotel and Sunset Rock which is behind the Inn at Stonecliffe.


Secret Spot

This tiny island has several secret spots! One of my personal favorites is Anne's Tablet. Walk up the stairs behind Ste. Anne's Church to the East Bluff and turn left. You will find a trail that leads you to Anne's Tablet, a small, quiet area that overlooks downtown, the Mackinac Bridge and the marina - it is absolutely stunning!

Romantic Spot

Mackinac is a charming, romantic little island! Several engagements and weddings take place here each year. Inside the very top of Grand Hotel, the Cupola Bar is one of my favorite romatic spots. It has gorgeous interiors with a stunning view! Fort Holmes is another place not many venture off to, so it's quiet and peaceful. Watching the sunset along M-185 on the west side of the island is romantic and beautiful.


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