My Word for 2024

Posted by Nicole Doud on

Everyone starts a new year in their own way. A few years ago, I started picking a word for the new year. It makes me focus on how I want to work towards making the new year a good one. Of course, we can't control everything, and life will have its challenges. But some things we can control and that's our mindset and work ethic. I have decided my word for 2024 will be PEACE. As a mother of three growing, energetic boys and living in two places (Mackinac and Petoskey) and owning more than one business between Andrew and I - life can be chaotic! Each year I learn new life lessons and this past year I learned that I really need to find peace within our hectic lifestyle. Having the stresses that a business all entails it is SO important to find a way to escape that stress. 

My favorite ways to escape the stress are taking a hot bath, going for a walk, listening to music (sometimes blasting it very loud!), calling a friend, reading, or just getting sleep. The last five years I have started doing acupuncture monthly and seeing a chiropractor. These have helped immensely! I have also learned to 'let go.' We can't control everything, and the things we can't control we need to just let go and hope and pray they will work out. 

So for 2024, my focus is finding the peace within our busy lives and sharing it with my family. I hope my word of the year will help you find your 'word' too. Maybe write it down on paper and post it on your desk or bedroom with goals below it. Whatver works for you to become a better you. 

Love and peace to you friend. 



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  • I am hoping to get back up there this summer. Hopefully, see you again. Mitch/Taylor and the kiddos keep us busy but we need another Island fix. Praying for good things for you and your family?

    Vicki VanDeusen on

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