Monday Maker: Momo Glassworks

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Today’s Monday Maker is featuring a new artist, Momo Glassworks! Two artists who met in Andalusia, traveled Spain together, read a book called “Momo” and here they are, years later, creating art together! Currently, they create and reside in Massachusetts. 

Momo Glassworks

Today they are creating art on Glass Canvas and Bright Mosaics. The process is quite scientific and full of steps and took quite a while to perfect! The temperature of the glass cannot get too hot or too cold, it has to be just right, to not break. In order to have the collage of color in the art, they must put a piece of glass on either side of the color. The layers of glass help add depth to the piece, making it beautiful and unique! 
Momo Glassworks
The Artists Market of Mackinac Island is proud to carry a selection on their jewelry, including earrings and necklaces. To see some of their larger canvases of work, visit their website here!
Photos Courtesy of Momo Glassworks

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