Monday Maker: Macone Clay & Spooner Creek

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Macone Clay

Macone Clay and Spooner Creek Design, is a family run business that has been creating art for over twenty years. All of their pieces are handmade in Wisconsin and their work is sold in all 50 states and even outside of the US. 


Macone Clay

This year, The Artists Market of Mackinac is proud to carry several different styles of frames, wall tiles, wine tags and magnets. Each design is witty and whimsical. Each piece of art is made with love and care, ready to be the perfect gift or new conversation starter at your home. The art on the frames is printed on archival paper and archival ink and UV coated to last a lifetime.

Macone Clay Macone Clay

We love having the opportunity to work with family-run businesses who inspire creativity and following their dreams. Macone Clay and Spooner Creek Design have been wonderful artists to work with. Next time you are in the Artists Market, look at the array of art that we currently carry! 

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