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Today’s Monday Maker is about Lulu & Bird, a new artist at the shop this year!
Lulu & Bird
Lulu and Bird started because owner, Kristen, wanted to have a creative outlet. One day, she saw a doll pattern at a craft store and thought that she could teach herself how to sew and make little dolls for her daughters and her nieces. The more she worked at sewing and creating the dolls, the better she got! She would take the dolls into work and embroider their faces during her lunch break. This prompted her co-workers to ask her to create dolls for their children! 
Lulu & Bird
Since starting Lulu & Bird, she has not only taught herself how to sew, she has also started creating her own doll patterns and has a few different custom creations. Kristen would tell you that since starting Lulu & Bird, it has helped to push her outside of her comfort zone, as she has learned to reach out to different shops and how to sew / create different patterns! She loves seeing people (especially her children!) enjoying her dolls!
Of course, the question we had for her when we started carrying her items was “Where did the name come from?” Well, her daughter’s names are Lila and Wren, which are affectionately nicknamed Lulu and Bird! Since she started creating these dolls for her daughters, it’s only right that this creative venture is named for them! 
Next time you stop in, pick up a Lulu & Bird doll for your daughter, niece or friend’s daughter - you won’t regret it! 

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