Monday Maker: Emmy Lou Bags

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Today’s Monday Maker is about Emmy Lou Bags! Emmy Lou Bags is owned and designed by Tammy, who resides in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, but she is originally from the great state of Michigan! 
Emmy Lou Bags
She creates unique, but functional bags with quality and purpose. Emmy Lou Bags creates and sells handmade bags, clutches and pouches. Every single bag is handmade by Tammy herself, right out of her home. You will notice that her products are made with different fabrics and leathers and all are unique and creative!
Emmy Lou BagsEmmy Lou Bags 
The Artists Market of Mackinac Island is the only retailer in the state of Michigan to carry Emmy Lou Bags. Next time you are on Mackinac Island, don’t forget to stop in and check out our selection of these products.
Photos Courtesy of Emmy Lou Bags

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