Michigan Maker: Farmhouse Candle Co.

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We are so excited to tell you about one of our long-time Michigan vendors, Farm House Candle Co. We have been partnering with Farm House Candle Co. for years now and absolutely love their candles! 
Farm House Candle Company is an artisan candle line made in Leelanau County, Michigan. Their amazing candles are crafted from 100% natural soy for a carbon neutral burn. 
Every candle is hand poured to ensure the highest quality and performance. They take great pride in selecting and combining natural, fresh fragrances to give you a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. 
With a unique mixture of fruit, herb, and masculine aromas there is a scent for everyone! Over the course of the past year, we  have created three signature scents with Farm House Candle Co! 
The three scents are Lilac (of course!), Vanilla, Sugar & Orange Blossom and then our latest scent for fall - Cedarwood. 
The lilac candle reminds us of June days on Mackinac, strolling down Main Street to Marquette Park to soak in then sights and smells of our favorite time of the year on Mackinac! 
Our Vanilla, Sugar and Orange Blossom Candle is a fun scents for summer. Vanilla is always a classic, paired with the sweetness and tangy-ness of sugar and orange blossom, this candle will make you want to have one burning in each room of your home! 
Finally, our new scent is cozy and warm -  Cedarwood, Clove and Spruce. It smells like a cozy cabin in the middle of winter! 
We can’t wait for you to try one of our signature scents - or try one of the classics from Farm House Candle Co. We know that once you try one, you’ll keep coming back for more! 

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