Mackinac Summer Bucket List

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We live for summer days on Mackinac. We were so excited for the first day of summer this week! The days are longer and warmer and everything is just happier! We love the summer vibes on Mackinac! I blogged a few weeks ago about our family’s summer bucket list - we’ve already started crossing it off. We had our first Lemonade Stand of the season this past weekend. The boys enjoy getting to talk to people who are visiting the island - they are little entrepreneurs in the making!
I went ahead and made a Mackinac Island Summer Bucket List of things that we want to do specifically on the island this year! Earlier this week, the boys and I went to Lucky Bean for a tasty smoothie - they love it and so do I!
I can’t wait to spend the summer making fun memories with the boys. They are growing up so fast. 
The little moments are most important. 
If you’re visiting Mackinac this summer, feel free to take an idea or two from our summer bucket list.
Or tell me what is on your Mackinac Bucket List … I’d love to hear! 

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  • The Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet was on my bucket list for this summer. Also being able to get some pics of a freighter passing passing through that I can’t get in my area
    Done and done!

    Christina Younglove on

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