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Nicole Doud, Little Luxuries Owner

A few weeks ago on social media, I did a fun Q + A! These were questions submitted by Instagram followers and I wanted to share my answers here for those who do not have Instagram! 
Does everyone who lives on the island know each other? The year round community mostly all know each other. The number fluctuates from 400-500 residents year round.
Most of the housing I see is super expensive, are there more affordable ways to live there? If you work for a business that has housing then you can live in that employer’s housing at a good price. If you are looking to rent or buy on your own, then yes, it can be expensive. 
Do you own a car? If so, where do you keep it? We do own a car! We keep it on the mainland in Mackinaw City with Starline Ferry. You can park your car at Shepler’s Ferry, as well. They have different rates depending on where you want to park your vehicle. 
What do you miss most about the Mainland? Reverse question too- what do you miss the most about Mackinac Island when you aren’t there? Well, in the off season the businesses are not open on the Island, I miss getting a chai tea latte from Lucky Bean. When I’ve on the island, I miss just being able to get in my car and go someplace different. It’s easier getting to my parents cottage when we are on the mainland too. 
What’s your favorite spot to “visit”? I have quite a few favorite spots on the island. My favorite is probably walking by the West Bluff and through the Annex. I do love the trail Leslie Avenue too! 
 What is your favorite time of the year on Mackinac Island? Fall! 
How big is the school on Mackinac Island? The school has anywhere from 60-75 students K-12 grade.
Nicole & Andrew Doud
How do you manage grocery runs on the island? I am fortunate to be married to the local grocer!  But we usually get our groceries by the day for dinner. I’m not a meal planner! Ha! 
We love your island! We would love to live here, or rent for a few months. Is that realistic? Yes it is! Especially if you find a job with a bed and breakfast or some business that can house you. Finding a place to live on your own can be more difficult. Many retired couples work on the island for a fun retirement job. 
What’s the second best kept secret on the island? Because you can’t give away your first! Awesome question! After 6pm, you can go inside Grand Hotel in proper dress attire to the Cupola Bar at the very top. It’s gorgeous!  And there is no charge to get inside after after 6pm. 
Do some tourists drive you a little nuts? LOL! Of course some can! I have to remember they are just visiting for maybe the first time and I would have the same questions and interest as they do. We definitely like our peaceful moments but we love tourists too! 
What’s Christmas like? Christmas on Mackinac is really magical! The tree in the center of downtown, snow and just happy spirits. It’s a fun time! 
Does it ever feel annoying to have tourists in your town all of the time? At times, but for the most part we are just use to it!
What’s the best place to eat dinner? Depends on what you are looking for. My favorite is Woods restaurant owned by the Grand Hotel for a nice romantic dinner. Mary’s Bistro is a great family place and I also like Yankee Rebel and Island House! 
Does the ferry ride ever get too choppy where it’s dangerous? It can get choppy! The ferries will stop running if it ever gets too rough. That does happen in the fall usually.
Favorite Hidden Gem: I have a few! Crack in the island and Look Out Point by Sugar Loaf. 
Secret Garden Grand Hotel
What is your favorite place on the island? The secret garden by Grand Hotel is one of my favorite spots!
Doud's Market
How long has your husband's family been on the island? Since 1865! 
Did you have your wedding on Mackinac Island? We did! December 18th, 2010 we got married at St. Anne’s Church and our reception was at Woods restaurant. It was a beautiful wintry, snowy day!
How does school work for children on the island? School is just like other schools just smaller. Kids ride their bikes to school and in the winter times snowmobile to school. It’s so cute watching them all get to school. It really is a great school. There are sporting events and students have to travel by boat or place to get to the mainland for away games. 
It was so fun answering your questions! I plan to do this again and can’t wait to hear more of what you’re curious to know! 

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