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I cannot believe Labor Day weekend is just two weeks away!! With our summer weather starting later than normal this year I feel a little cheated on from our regular summer season. We are trying to take advantage of the warmer days and sunshine. In two weeks our family routine will be a little different with our oldest son, Louie, beginning kindergarten. I am so excited for this new adventure for him. Tommy, our 4 year old son, is slowly gaining confidence with riding his bike, but he would prefer to be pulled in the wagon by mom or dad! Tommy LOVES visiting the library and the butterfly house here on the island. John, now nine months old, has almost eight tiny teeth! He has mastered his crawl, is learning to climb stairs, pulling himself up AND poking his little head into every nook and cranny he can get into. It's going to be a wild time for Andrew and me keeping up with him! 
John DoudDoud Boys
This summer we have not once, rode our bikes around the island - - we hope to do that before August leaves us. However, we have played at Turtle Park, jumped in the lake, visited the playground several times, enjoyed Music in the Park (put on by the Mackinac Island Arts Council), and even visited my parent's cabin 1.5 hours south of the bridge on the sweetest little lake. We have started a late summer bucket list and hope to accomplish everything by Labor Day! 
Doud Family
I always enjoy the changing of seasons, especially summer to fall. It's like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders when September arrives on Mackinac Island. Business owners and employees have survived another chaotic summer and can coast until the end of October when our 'season' comes to an end. Fall brings more family time for us, more time to enjoy the little things, and of course, more cozy outfits and chai teas :) 
Doud BoysJohn Doud
I hope the next few weeks of August are filled with fun things on your summer bucket list, and hopefully visiting Mackinac Island is one of them! ;)
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  • I am just another Doud searching the internet about my ancestry. If you can help me determine when the Doud or Doude family came to the 13 colonies would be great.


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