Chicago to Mackinac and Bayview Race

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Today all of the sailors that are partaking in the Chicago Race to Mackinac start arriving into our harbor!  
This is the 109th Race to Mackinac.The race is 333 statute miles (289.4 nautical miles) from Chicago, starting just off Navy Pier, to the harbor on Mackinac
Island.  It is the oldest annual freshwater distance race in the world.  The boats cross the finish line between the lighthouse on Round Island and the race committee trailer on Mackinac Island.
The first Mac Race was held in 1898 as an informal race of 5 boats.  The second Mac didn’t come until 1904 and then intermittently until after WWI.  Every year since 1921 has seen the running of the Race to Mackinac.
Next weekend is the Bayview Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  This one is a bit shorter and not as many people participate, but it will still be a very fun next two weekends on the island!  
Check out all three of our great window displays that our intern, Colleen, from Kent State helped create!  
Happy Summer!

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