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Can you believe that we are already getting ready to go back to school? I've started doing some online shopping for the boys, since we are still on Mackinac until Labor Day weekend. Here are a few of my favorite finds that I have found on Amazon & Target as I have been prepping to send them back to school.


Campfire S'more Bars: The boys love these granola bars! They are delicious and a tasty special treat to put in their lunches! Plus, nut free! 

First Day of School Sign: I love this first day of school sign! It will be cute to get each of their picture with on the first day!

Backpacks: Can you tell which one is Johnny's? He loves the Cartoons, Sonic! The red backpack is very stylish for the older boys - this is one of their favorite parts of going back to school - picking out their cool backpacks!

Lunch Boxes: It's the same as the backpacks! You have to pick out the coolest lunch box! I love the cute shark one, but the gray one is also very boy!

ZBars: These are a staple in our house for snack time in between school and sports! I think they would eat these all day every day if they could!

7th Generation Wipes: I bought these for each of the boys' school teachers! It's so important to support our kid's teachers each year, so I like to find little ways to be an encouragement!

Money Activity Game: I bought this mainly for me and Johnny, but it will be a fun activity for me to do with all of the boys when we need a structured learning activity! 

Tell me, what are you purchasing for the kids as they head back to school? I'd love to hear what I'm forgetting and need to grab before the First Day of School is here!  

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