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June 23, 2017

Artist of the Week: Cheryl Oz

Cheryl Oz is an artist from Detroit whose gorgeous artwork is a collection of youthfully-spirited, retro-inspired, vivid illustrations that evoke a sense of the past, and the spirit of Michigan’s great outdoors.  Cheryl likes to illustrate things that bring about happy memories for her viewers and for herself.  Cheryl says, “Happiness for me is creating, and if my art makes someone else happy that’s truly the ultimate reward.”  I think this is a great outlook to have about one’s artwork, and it is what I look for when picking out which artists I choose to display in my Artist Market.
Cheryl started selling her work on Etsy as a creative outlet from her 9 to 5 job as an Art Director in advertising.  After some time, Cheryl decided to quit her day job and pursue her love for artwork.  She then felt the need to expand outside of Etsy, so Cheryl started doing local indie art + craft fairs and approached local shops about selling her work.  Many long hours, days, weeks, and even months were spent preparing work for shows.  But every minute has been worth it to her!
The majority of Cheryl’s artwork is created in watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil on a thick, textured drawing paper.  She then scans each piece and does some path work in Photoshop and then brings all of the pieces into my layout program InDesign to create the final illustration. 
Stop into our Artist Market to check out all of Cheryl’s prints and to see the gorgeous print of Mackinac Island that she created just for our store!
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