Artist of the Week: Burrowing Home

Posted by Nicole Doud on

At Little Luxuries Artists Market, we carry countless amazing prints, paper goods and accessories from different artists all over Michigan.  One of our favorites is Burrowing Home, which was created by Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz, from Lincoln Park, Michigan.  

In Kelly’s artwork she wanted to capture the feeling that she remembered getting as a young child after reading books with illustrations.  She saw those illustrations as magical and was always in awe after seeing them.  Kelly also grew up surrounded by nature, so she decided to tell her stories artistically through them.

During the process of making the paper goods, Kelly usually uses pen or pencil to create an illustration, but she also experiments with paint as her median sometimes.  She goes very slowly and meticulously in order to make sure that she is capturing the smallest details.  A single illustration can take Kelly up to three months to complete.  Once she completes the illustration, Kelly photographs it and cleans it up digitally to remove any smudges, dust or other imperfections.  At this point she is ready to make her illustrations into prints, paper goods, jewelry, and even home décor.

Stop into the Artists Market this week and get lost in the amazing world that Kelly creates through her illustrations!



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