Artist of the Week: 934 Bagworks

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934 Bagworks is a Michigan-based company that creates simple, yet purposeful bags.  The founder, Aaron Schaafsma, decided on the name for his company because, 934 is the address of his childhood home.  It is the place where Aaron grew up, the place where he was loved and where he learned how to sew.  It was also the place where his parents split up and where his family moved away from.  934 is a reflection of Aaron’s story, both the good and the bad.  It is the recognition of the baggage that we all carry.
Aaron's bags are all created with waxed linen.  On the inside he switches up the material that he uses depending on what the bag will be used for.  For example, on his laptop pouches, since they need extra soft protection, he uses a felt liner.  For most of the coin purses and wallets he uses cordura which is a thick durable material that is used in a lot of military and travel products. 
You can check out all of his products on his website here

We are carrying coin purses, pouches, and totes from 934 Bagworks at Little Luxuries: Artist Market.  We hope that you can stop by and check them out!



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