An Easter Note from Nicole

Posted by Nicole Doud on

With Easter Sunday coming up quickly this year I am curious what you enjoy doing on Easter day.  Last year and this year we will be enjoying brunch out in Petoskey after going to mass and having an egg hunt for the boys. Then we just relax for the day and have family time. 
Do you prefer going out for Easter brunch or making Easter brunch at home, or do you make Easter Sunday dinner?  We have done a little bit of everything in the past. My favorite now is just enjoying brunch out with our family. If we are spending the day with extended family then we dig in and have a big meal at home. 
This is such a special week. We attended Palm Sunday mass in Florida yesterday while on our spring break. I think it is important to show our children different churches and the way they do things. It was a beautiful church with a very lively priest which made it fun for the boys. 
Sending you peace and happiness this holy week and if you're not religious sending you peace and happiness still. :) 
Much love, 
Nicole xo

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