A Typical Day for Me

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What does a typical day look like for me? 

My days change with the seasons. in the winter months, I am in Petoskey and spend time at home a lot more. I try to go to the island weather depending to ship online orders and check in. Other days in the winter I am doing office and paper work planning for the new season or cleaning house, cooking and taking the boys to activities. 

When spring rolls around, it is the most stressful time of year for me. We never know when the ferry will start running again to the island and the ferry times are limited making it difficult to get much work done in a day. We still have deadlines to meet to get the store ready for the new season and new employees arriving. April and May are my least favorite months of the year... the boys are extra busy with school and Andrew and I are extra busy with prepping our businesses. 


In the summer time, it's a little more refreshing even though it's busier on Mackinac. Our staff is trained, the store is stocked and we are in motion. We have a regular nanny in the summer 4-5 days a week so I can go to work and not be interrupted. I go to work typically 9am-5pm and then we do family things in the evening or island functions. 


Fall is a breath of fresh air! It slows down, we are back in Petoskey, getting a new routine down, and getting the store in the fall/holiday mode. Right now I am going to Mackinac to work three days a week and spend two days in Petoskey with Johnny. Weekends are spent on the island as well, working and adding in some fall fun. In the fall, we like to bike to the Cannon Ball, play flashlight tag, attend any school sporting events, decorate our house for Halloween, and see friends that may be leaving at the end of the season. 


Our 'typical days' change often and with the season, but it keeps our days exciting and adventurous. I am always sad to close the season up and start our winter routine. But we do look forward to a few family trips in the off season, visiting family more and the holidays!




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