2023 Season Recap

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We made it through another season! I had one of the best team's this summer and was so grateful to be leading a wonderful group of women. Unfortunately, several of the girls had to leave in August to head back to college and a few other changes in the staff were made which made piecing the fall staff together more difficult than past seasons. But like they say, it takes a village, and that's what it took this fall to make it through! 
We made some big display changes mid-season and I loved the way it turned out. The changes made the flow of the store work better and we created more space for customers to move around throughout the store. We just made a few more changes this week after closing up and will be adding some new pieces to the shop by spring time! 
We have painting on our winter to-do list and and a different clothing rack in the back of the store. You never know what we might change up which makes it exciting! 
Allie and myself head to Atlanta to the buying show in January. We've already ordered our favorite line, Mud Pie. We have so many new baby items coming from them this spring! 
I am so fortunate this next season we have some returning employees coming back! That always makes the new season SO MUCH easier! Bella, my manager will be back for her 4th season! 
Feel free to share your favorite memories from this season below. I would love to hear them! As always, thank you for supporting Little Luxuries and the independent vendors I support within Little Luxuries. It means the world!
Happy 'off'-season' and stay cozy!

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