2023 Favorite Memories

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The 2023 season had many moments that stood out. Looking back on another season at Little Luxuries, some of my favorite memories were meeting vendors I have worked with for years and just finally met in person! 
Early this summer, I had the honor of meeting Jill Chambers from the Holland, MI area. Jill makes our wooden Christmas ornaments. I use to carry her ornaments at the Artists Market and when I closed the Artists Market, Jill's items were moved to Little Luxuries. They have been in a top seller at both locations. It was so nice meeting Jill and we were able to come up with a new design this year during our quick meet and greet! This summer we brought in an adorable horse ornament. 
Shortly after meeting Jill, the makers behind HOMES bracelets stopped by the store! It was so nice to meet the hard working and creative duo. I just picked up selling the HOMES bracelets this summer, but have been a fan of their work for awhile now. We hope to have a pop up with them in the store in the future! 
Team outings are always a summer highlight for my staff and myself! We did our annual girls night to Grand Hotel to the Cupola Bar. We get all dressed up, have a cocktail or mocktail, some snacks, play a team bonding game, get photos and then the girls may wander downstairs to the Terrace Room to dance. 
For the first time we did a team dinner. My retail friend, Laura who owns Mackinac Birkenstock store inside the Coutyard hosted the delicious dinner at her home. We enjoyed a candle lit dinner with salad, breadsticks, and lasagna and of course did a team bonding activity. I hope these moments for my staff are always cherished for years to come. 
This summer we gained a tiny team member! Miss Peanut! We surprised the boys with Peanut, an Australian Labradoodle and she became our shop dog too! 
We celebrated our 15th year in business this August! The store's actual birthday is May 1st, but we wanted to celebrate with more customers and friends so we decided August was a great time. We had birthday cake, wine, giveaways, cupcakes and more! It was such a fun event! 
These are just a few of the moments that stuck out to me this season. We have exciting days at the shop and never get bored. With pop ups, meet and greets, book signings, beer and wine samplings, celebrating Christmas in July; Little Luxuries is a FUN place to shop and work at! 
We look forward to planning new events over the winter for 2024! 

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