10 Fun Things About Nicole, the Owner!

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I wanted to do a fun blog post this week and share 10 random and fun things about me that you probably don't know! Lets get started! 

  1. I am from the Mint Capital of the world (St. Johns, MI) and my grandpa and uncle were  mint farmers (my uncle still is) - you can find our family’s mint oil inside Murdick's mint fudge! It's the BEST!
  2. I traveled to Australia in college for 4 months on a study abroad program. It was AMAZING! 
  3. My first job on the island was waitressing at the Gate House restaurant where I worked with my now husband, Andrew of thirteen years!
  4. I love a good chai tea latte. 
  5. I love the water - lakes, oceans, pools. Get me in the water, and it's tough to get out! 
  6. My dream job was to work for a news station or event planning company in college. I think a retail shop is just as good!
  7. My first time working retail was my first time opening my own gift shop!
  8. I have been to Mexico 5 times (or more) and love the food and culture! One time when we were fishing on a tiny boat in Mexico, I saw a whale do the free Willy jump! It was amazing!
  9. I am the youngest in my family and the only one to move away from my hometown.
  10. I love Target, but put me in a shop with homemade items and I'm in heaven! I love everything homemade!

Did you know any of these things? I love learning more about you, our customer - you'll have to tell us over on Instagram anything we have in common! :) 




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  • I’m sorry I caught you off guard when I saw you in your shop a couple weeks ago! I was just so surprised to see you! Love your shop … BTW! I use the Mackinac Island canvas bag I bought last year from your shop all the time! 💜

    Susan Shepherd on

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