Ribbed Retro Arch Floral Drinking Glass

Ribbed Retro Arch Floral Drinking Glass

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Eating dinner or drinking a cocktail doesn't have to be boring anymore. 

You do not only have to put out red plastic cups or paper cups at parties. Elevate your drinkware like you elevated your clothing style with our 13 oz. Vintage Textured Rose Gold Drinkware.

There is no way you will not enjoy your drink when using these vintage ribbed drinking glasses. We combined the hobnail design with grooves around the base that highlight the classic circular design.

The design goes all around the glass and with the gold-hued pink drinking glass there are no two looks of this beauty. The way light shines through the glass makes it look as if it is illuminated making it appear more like an art piece than just a ribbed drinking cup.

10 oz. 

Vintage embossed design

Phthalate, BPA and Lead Free

Durable, Thick Glass

Hand-wash Only

Not Suitable for Hot Liquids