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It’s so fun to see what you - our customers - are loving this summer! Each week, we have been highlighting our Best Sellers for the Week on Fridays in our Instagram Stories! If you haven’t been following along, join the fun on Instagram here!

So far this summer, here are the top favorites that you have been loving! It’s been a summer of ornaments, stickers and our classic favorites, Mackinac Bath + Body products!

1. Red Cabin Studio Stickers

2. Log Cabin Creations

3. Mackinac Bath + Body Goat Milk Soap

4. Red Cabin Studio Ornaments

5. Sleeping Bear Farms Honey

6. Whiskey Stones

7. Mackinac Bath and Body Lotion

8. Island Girl Lilac Lotion

9. Nola Watkins

10. MichiGummies

We love that these products have are all from Michigan vendors! When you shop at Little Luxuries, you are not only supporting a small, local shop, you are also supporting hundreds of other Michigan vendors and hundreds of other US small vendors! If you head to the website, you can shop our favorites here!

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