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Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is already here? 

There are so many fun ideas on Pinterest for what to do for Valentine’s Day crafts, cards and sweet treats! 
This past week, the boys and I had fun making heart gingerbread cookies (Tommy loves gingerbread cookies)!! Then we had fun cutting hearts out of construction paper, and using finger paint for our hands and feet!  
I loved having this time with the boys to do crafts! I love decorating for Valentine’s Day, so I used some of their cut out hearts to decorate around the house.
Over on Pinterest, I’ve saved some fun ideas, including Valentine’s Breakfast Smoothie Ideas, Heart Shaped Quesadillas, Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards, Heart Wreaths, Heart Banners and more! Check it out and then tell me what crafts you and your littles are going to create this Valentine’s Day! 
Gingerbread Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies
Doud Boys
Doud Boys
Doud Boys
Doud Boys
Doud Boys Valentines Day
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