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February 17, 2017

Too Cute, Too Sweet

Hope your Valentine's Day was extra special with someone you love! Our boys Louie and Tommy were full of giggles on the heart-filled day. Nothing is sweeter than watching them love on each other! 
Our wonderful husband and daddy was extra loving too! White roses, chocolates and dinner out ....I'd say we had a lovely holiday with our little family. 
If you received anything special or did something unique, please comment below! I know most people do not care for the 'Hallmark Holiday', but what is not to love about celebrating a day with love and treats! 
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02/21/2017 | 08:35 AM
Kem says:

I got roses on Saturday, the 18th! It goes back to an old joke, about Ed thinking Valentine’s Day was always on a Tuesday. Since then, I usually get flowers on the Tuesday near the 14th. Since it was actually ON a Tuesday this year, I had to be surprised a different day. Just a silly thing between us, but still fun!

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