The Perfect Summer Day on Mackinac

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Happy First Day of Summer! We love planning the perfect summer day on Mackinac. If you’re interested in making a Mackinac Island Summer Bucket List, read our blog from last year all about our family’s bucket list:
A perfect day on Mackinac starts with the boys and I hopping on our bikes and heading down to Watercolor Cafe. The boys love to have a sweet treat there with a smoothie. While there, they like to color or do another craft while we watch the boats come and go. 
After a leisurely breakfast there, we get back on our bikes and start biking around the island. We’ll sometimes stop at the Cannonball for a snack or just stop to skip rocks. The boys enjoy going into the water here, too! At this point, we decide if we want to keep biking around the island or head up to the airport. If we head up to the airport, it takes us a little while longer because of the hill heading up to the middle of the island, but it’s well worth the trip!
Once we’re at the airport, we will head to Sugarloaf to do some exploring. This is always a fun spot to have a picnic or stop for a snack. 
 On your ride back downtown, take a bike ride through the Annex, a historic neighborhood just past the West Bluff. There are beautiful homes and landscape to enjoy! 
Once back in town, we’ll head to Windermere Point to snack on a hot dog or sweet treat before dinner. We love to head here on windy days to fly our kites. For dinner, we’ll head to one of the many delicious spots on Main Street. Our current favorite is Patrick Doud’s Irish Pub - it’s new on Main Street and has so many great options! After dinner, we’ll find fudge or ice cream or maybe head back home for s’mores in the backyard. 
The best part about summer on Mackinac is being able to hop on our bikes and head off for the day - we never really know where the outdoor adventures will take us, but we know that there is always a summer adventure waiting just around the corner. 

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