The Mackinac House

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The Mackinac House

The newest boutique hotel on Mackinac Island, The Mackinac House is officially open for the summer! 

The goal of The Mackinac House was to make it different than any other hotel on the island, by creating a boutique hotel that offers world class service and luxury accommodations.

The interior designer, from Traverse City, Michigan, pulled from the color palette of the iconic Pink Pony as well as a collection of bright island-like colors. 

The Mackinac House will offer guests a selection of 19 rooms to choose from, each uniquely decorated with bold themes that are reminiscent of Mackinac Island and its heritage. 

The Mackinac House
Artwork by Marlee Musser
The piece of land where The Mackinac House stands used to contain a personal home. The resident’s home was purchased by the city of Mackinac Island and moved to the center of the island, Harrisonville. Something like this had never been done before on the island and was an exciting accomplishment. 
The Mackinac House

We’re excited to have this new luxury lodging accommodation on the island. We think that you will enjoy It as much as we do!



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