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Goals and intentions are very popular to start the new year off right. I have never been that great at keeping my New Years goals. Last year, I decided to have a word for the year. It was Focus. Having that one word to reflect and work towards really helped me to 'focus' in my work areas and family areas. This year, my word for the year is Strength. I know that I need more strength than ever in 2021 as our economy will be suffering due to the pandemic and many other issues will downward spiral because of the economy. I also know I will need strength to prepare, and run my three businesses this season with our three growing children. Our lives will only be getting busier. The time now is so important for us to get a jump on the new year. Don't wait to figure out your 'word' or your goals. Do it now! 
The word strength came to me very easily. I guess because I know what 2020 was like and just because it's in the past, it does not mean 2021 and the years ahead will be better. Of course, we hope they will be, but my heart tells me we have a lot to overcome in the future. Hang on, nobody said life was easy. It is the challenges we go through that makes us stronger and better at what we do in work and out of work. 
I hope you find strength in the days ahead and I hope you have time to reflect on a word or a list of goals for 2021. 
We can do this! 

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