Spring on Mackinac

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Spring is always a great time to visit Mackinac! Here are a few reasons why we love Mackinac in the spring and what we love to do during the spring days: 

We love the spring on Mackinac because the days are just a little bit quieter and a little bit calmer! Wake up each day, to the clip clop of the horses, the bikes zooming by and the first ferry pulling in for the day! But the nice thing is, you aren’t waking up to large crowds. There is plenty of room to wander Main Street and the shops on Market Street and not feel too crowded. 

The weather is beautiful! The mornings might start out a little bit chilly, but by the afternoon, it is perfect weather for biking!  You might need a coat, but once the sun is out, it’s the perfect day on Mackinac. 

It’s easy to get in and out of restaurants for meal times! In the summer, there are a lot of times when you need to make reservations ahead of time, or get on a waitlist. Typically during the spring, you will have an easier time spending your days making plans last minute - which is nice when you are hungry and ready to food! 

Here are a few of our favorite things to do during spring on Mackinac! 

Have a picnic: One of our favorite family activities is to have a park (with provisions from Doud's Market and Deli!) in Marquette Park. The boys love to run around after they have finished eating and I love to just look out and see the water, the beautiful flowers and people biking by! 

Fly A Kite: In the spring, the days are a little bit windier! It’s perfect to go to the toy store (conveniently located next to Little Luxuries!) and grab a brand new kite before heading down to Windemere Point. It's one of our family’s favorite island activities when it's nice outside! 

Warm Beverage: We love heading to Lucky Bean for a warm beverage in the afternoons! Plus, there is always a delicious new drink to try! 

Shop: We love to wander the stores during the spring! It’s so fun to see what is new in all the different shops. Shopping is great if it’s a little bit chilly out too, because you can pop in and out of the stores to stay warm! 

Little Luxuries’ has new displays, a different layout, and SO many new products and vendors for this 2024 season! We hope that you’ll stop in this spring to check it all out!!

Mackinac is a wonderful place to visit, regardless of the season! All the flowers will be starting to bloom, the days are getting longer and everything is exciting and NEW for the new season. 

There is always something to do and something to see. But if you have been wanting to come up during the spring before the summer rush, make plans to do so! We can’t wait to see you for your visit! 

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