Resetting Your Home After the Holidays ⭐️

Posted by Nicole Doud on

How do you reset your home for the New Year? This is a practice that I want to get better at doing!
Here are some tips that I’ve picked up along the way as I work on always creating a clean, comfortable and cozy home for our family!
- Around New Year’s Day (or that week) I like to take a giant black trash bag around the house! I get rid of any trash / recycling that is just lying around - old Amazon boxes, any packaging we don’t need, shoe boxes, etc.
- I make a large donate pile for toys that the boys no longer play with! I think it’s especially good to do this around the holidays / any birthdays to make room for new toys! We love to donate our gently used toys to other friends that have younger kids or to the local donation store, like a Goodwill.
- Cleaning the Fridge. Ugh! This one is always the worst to motivate myself for, but once it’s done it feels SO good!
- Washing all the bedding. I find this SO satisfying. The feel of clean, fresh sheets! I switch out any summer sheets for our warmer, cozier winter bedding and make sure that all the comforters are washed, too!
- Putting Christmas away. I make sure that all the Christmas decor is packed up and stored for next year to be easy + fun to unpack! I don’t like to leave a mess in the bins, or else it just takes so much more time to unpack it all when I’m ready for the fun of decorating!
I’d love to hear how you reset your home for the New Year! I love finding new + practical ways to make our home inviting, yet practice for us in the day to day!

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