Presents for Mom on Mother's Day

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There’s so many special ways to spoil the Mom in your life this Mother’s Day. Here are a few ways that we love to be spoiled:

Give Mom breakfast in bed. Surprise Mom by letting her sleep in and bring her her favorite breakfast in bed, complete with hot coffee! Just make sure you also do the dishes. There’s nothing worse than having to clean up a mess after a delicious and leisurely breakfast.

Plant Flowers with Mom. A great way to show Mom you love her is by helping her with yard work on Mother’s Day weekend! She’ll love having you help her plant her spring flowers for the front porch or backyard. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family and make everything look pretty.

Give Mom the Morning Alone. Maybe Mom just wants the morning alone! Let her go get her nails done, stroll Target, go on a walk or whatever she loves to do - all by herself. She’ll love the gesture of alone time! 

A Little Luxuries’ Gift Card. All those gifts are great (and probably what Mom really wants!) but don’t forget to also give her a little gift - like a gift card from Little Luxuries! 

If you need to mail a gift to grandma or someone else special in your life, you can send an e-gift card here:

Or if you know what she’ll really love, pick it out here from the Mother’s Day Collection:

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