Monday Maker: Ovella Wool

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Take the Monday Blues away by supporting a Michigan artisan, Ovella Wool, who we are featuring in today’s Monday Maker!
Ovella Wool
Ovella Wool all began in 2014 on a whim. Owner and creative, Justen was in the process of learning more about sustainable products for her family (mainly regarding cloth diapers) when her research led her into getting rid of fabric softener. Because she was no longer using fabric softener, she needed to find an alternative and taught herself how to make wool dryer balls. Through trial and error, she learned what worked and what did not work. Eventually, she perfected her technique and was gifting them to friends, as she encouraged her circle of influence to make this sustainable shift from fabric softener / dryer sheets to wool dryer balls. She happened to give them to a friend that worked at a wellness store and next thing she knew, she had her first retail store carrying her dryer balls! 
Ovella Wool
Since 2014, Ovella has expanded their line to include Verde from Ovella Wool products. These products are natural laundry detergent, home cleaners and soap. 
Did you know that Ovella is Gaelic for sheep? It was the perfect name for her business. As the years have progressed, Ovella Wool now purchases their wool from a local wool processor, and Justen dyes all of the wool herself.  Fun fact: her favorite colors are the colors in The Terra Collection! As Justen says: “Wool is such a great material, from being non-combustable to mildew resistant to completely reusable and renewable, it has so many functions that we can use it for. Wool dryer balls are just one of those.” 
Ovella Wool
Next time you are on Mackinac Island, stop into The Artists Market to see what we have in stock from Ovella Wool and give it a try! Your laundry will never be the same after. 
Photos Courtesy of Ovella Wool

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