Monday Maker: Mud & Maker

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This week’s Monday Maker is about Mud & Maker, “Unconvential Pottery for Unconventional People.” 
Mud & Maker
Mud & Maker is run by Stephanie and Ryan, from Pennsylvania. Stephanie started working with clay products almost 15 years ago and never looked back! Stephanie and Ryan use nature, their surroundings and people that they have met as inspiration for the products that they create. 
Mud & Maker
Mud & Maker is truly unconventional. They work to blend multiple techniques and mediums into original pieces that you can’t find anywhere. Along the way, they also add their own sassy twist! The collection of products that they sell includes glasses, bowls, mugs, signs, hooks, garden signs, planters and more! 
Mud & Maker
We hope that you will pop into the Artists Market of Mackinac Island this summer to see the collection of Mud & Maker products that we carry!
Photo Courtesy: Mud & Maker

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