Monday Maker: Change Wellness

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It’s time for MONDAY MAKER! Today we are talking about Change Wellness, from right here in Michigan! All the products are made with natural, quality ingredients and carried in The Artists Market, our sister store.
Change Wellness started in 2014, in Oxford, Michigan. The founder / owner Tina wanted to make sure the products her family used were all natural and made with quality ingredients. She self – taught everything she knows now, and we are excited to carry her at the Artists Market!
Change Wellness has a variety of products available. Two of our favorites that we carry include:
Dead Sea Clay Soap, which is made up of twenty-one different minerals! These minerals are supposed to help problem areas on your skin, aching joints and event fluid retention (all according the Change Website and their research).
Soothe Facial Toner, helps hydrate your skin and benefits skin texture.
Change Soap - Dead Sea
After a long day out in the sun on Mackinac Island, it’s great to have these products on hand to rejuvenate your skin and take some time to take care of yourself. Next time you pop into the Artists Market, be sure to check out our section promoting Change Wellness in the shop!

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