Meet the 2023 Little Luxuries' Team!

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Earlier this week we kicked off the 2023 season with a girl's night + team meeting! It was so fun hanging out with the girls and getting to know everyone a little bit better! Over the season, you'll see these girls popping up on the Instagram!
Meet the 2023 Team
  • Mackenzie is from Caledonia, Michigan. She's most excited to to outside exploring by the Great Lakes and to see Arch Rock! Her favorite product is the Mason Vase from Beth Mueller!
  • Brooke came to Mackinac from Mobile, Alabama! She's most excited about being outside enjoying the warmth and nature of the island. Kayaking around the island is at the top of her Mackinac Bucket List this season. Her favorite product at Little Luxuries is always changing! Right now, she loves with the Jenna Kator spring line- beautiful pastel colors and designs. 
  • Quincee is from Westphalia, Michigan. She's excited to spend more time exploring the island and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights this season. Her favorite product in the shop is the 1Canoe2 Heirloom Recipe Book.
  • Ryah is from Saginaw. She is most excited to celebrate everyday on Mackinac Island for every ounce of what it has to offer - she loves being on the island! Her bucket list item for the season is to go kayaking! Her favorite item in the shop are the t-shirts, because they are so soft! 
  • Emilie is from Windsor, Ontario and this is her second season working at Little Luxuries! She's most excited about working and meeting new people!  Her bucket list item is to walk the entire island before the end of the season. Her favorite products line at the shop is the Michigan brand, Cellar Door - specifically their candles! 

Next time you stop in, you'll get to meet one of these team members, be sure to ask them their recommendations on products, spots to eat and places to explore! 

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