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This summer, I have several new girls working for me and some that have been with me for a few years too.  I decided to have them write down their favorite products from each store so that you can get to know them a little bit and see what their favorite products are and  hope that you will be interested in trying some of these favorite goodies!
Emily has been working at Little Luxuries for 2 full seasons, but has part-time since year 1 of Little Luxuries!  She is from St. Ignace and has had family ties to the island for generations.
Little Luxuries - Jenna Kator is my favorite.  I have a purse from just about every collection of hers.  Seeing the success that Jenna has accomplished over the years is definitely an inspiration to me!
Artist Market - Definitely Barn Social, I just feel like each sign is so unique and adds a perfect touch to your home!  I have two of my favorite pieces in my house and am always getting complimented on them.
Canvas and Paddle - I like Stormy Kromer because it is a company based out of the Upper Peninsula.  Supporting local has always been important to me and as a bonus, their products are very stylish and cozy!
Kate has been working at Little Luxuries for 3 years.  This will sadly be her last season on Mackinac Island for now because she is having her first baby girl in August!! 
Little Luxuries - Mackinac Bath and Body Lotion in the oatmeal scent.  I am constantly putting it on my hands.  I am obsessed with the smell and the way it makes my skin feel.
Artist Market - The Barn Social wood signs.  They are so cute!  I would own every one if I could, but they also make really great gifts.
Canvas and Paddle - My boyfriend and I love the Peninsula stickers.  We don't even put them on anything half of the time, we just love buying them.
Katie has been working at Little Luxuries for 3 years.  She is from Columbus, Ohio and pushes her artistic passions in the off-season.  
Little Luxuries - Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box is my favorite because my mom had a recipe box that I loved as a child.  I've always loved baking and want to get my own recipe box that I can start creating memories with!
Artist Market - Cheryl Oz prints have a great retro style and they are drawn really well with lots of colors.
Canvas and Paddle - Stelwork Michigan Mugs are so great!  I've always been into art, so I love the fact that these mugs are handmade.  The finish and the colors are beautiful, and each one is unique.
This is Amanda's first year at Little Luxuries.  She is from White Lake, Michigan and is going to be a sophomore at Grand Valley State University.
Little Luxuries - Mackinac Bath and Body Lilac Lotion is AMAZING.  I am definitely the reason the testers in the store go by so fast!
Artist Market - The Marchello Fork Bracelets are stunning.  I love wearing mine because it goes with all of my outfits and I love knowing that someone was creative enough to come up with this type of idea. 
Canvas and Paddle - I'm obsessed with JU Journals.  Right when I started working here I knew I had to buy one.   I use mine weekly; recording all my adventures on Mackinac Island, plus there is a section for pictures as well.  
This is Kayley's first summer on Mackinac Island.  She and Amanda are childhood friends and she is on the Western Michigan University dance team.
Little Luxuries - The Good Morning Mackinac mug is the perfect size for my morning coffee and the font is simple, but adorable.  The Curly Girl products are also one of my favorite because of the fun quotes and cute illustrations.  The wine bottle straws make adorable gifts as well!
Artist Market - The Rescued Wine candles smell incredible!  I want to get all of them for my apartment at school next year.
Canvas and Paddle - I love the Mackinac short sleeved sweatshirt.  It's super comfy and wears really well!  I wear it at least once a week, if not more!
Colleen is new this year as well and she is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  She is an intern for me this summer and helps with the displays throughout the stores.  Colleen goes to Kent State and is going to be a senior in fashion merchandising.
Little Luxuries - The Green Daffodil Lip Balm is small but mighty.  I have the Traverse City Cherry flavor and it's so good!  It leaves my lips really soft.
Artist Market - Cellar Door Soaps are truly a treat!  My favorites are Bad Blood,  Raspberry Beret, and Melon Mai Tai.
Canvas and Paddle - I am absolutely in love with the scent of the Big Mountain Soap.  There is just something about it that makes me happy. 
This is Lauren's first year on the island working and absolutely loves it!  She is from Cullman, Michigan and her outgoing personality is perfect for this summer island job! 
Little Luxuries - The Mackinac Island Dog Treats are my favorite because it reminds me of my puppies from back home.
Artist Market - Change teeth whitener is incredible!  It really works and is all natural which makes it even better.
Canvas and Paddle - The Stelwork Michigan Mugs are beautifully handcrafted pieces of art and I've been lusting after one since I got up here!
Parker is going to be a junior at Samford University in Alabama, and she is from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Parker is an intern for me as well this summer and has been helping with the blog posts, news blasts, and Canvas and Paddle website. 
Little Luxuries - Rifle Paper Co. travel journal is the best!  I love to travel and this is a great and cute way to help me remember all of my journeys.
Artist Market - Lead Head Glass is so unique.  I love that they repurpose old Detroit windows to create these gorgeous terrariums.
Canvas and Paddle - The Surf Candle is my absolute favorite thing!  It smells amazing!  I go smell it at least ten times a day!
Little Luxuries - I have a lot!  I like to buy what I love for the shops, but to narrow it down, I really love the Mackinac Bath and Body Oatmeal lotion.  It is made locally with goats milk and it is such a treat for my skin. 
Artist Market - I use the Balancing Toner, made by Change Soap, daily.  It is refreshing, smells great, and hydrates my skin.
Canvas and Paddle - I really enjoy Northwood's Cream Soda, the Black Cherry is SOOO good! It's the perfect sweet tooth treat!
I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my team and stop into any of our stores to meet them!

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