Lilac Festival Events & Lilac Goodies

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We are so excited for the 75th Annual Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island! 
We are hosting a variety of events throughout the week that we know you are going to love! Stop in when you’re on the island to enjoy meeting different artists and seeing their incredible work. 
Some of our current favorite lilac goodies include:
Little Luxuries’ Lilac Candle: The scent of our Little Luxuries' Lilac Candle is delicate, tender and belongs to the fresh scents of spring. We're excited to welcome this signature Lilac Natural Soy Candle to Little Luxuries!
Lilac Trivet: We love this new silicone trivet - it's perfect for your kitchen! Trivets are perfect for every occasion and every season no matter what the event. High quality soft and flexible yet sturdy silicone trivets are the ultimate multi-tasker.
Lilac Bath & Body Box:There is nothing better than the smell of Lilacs on Mackinac. lt's a lovely aroma with a touch of sweetness, warmth and mystery. We're excited to offer this Little Luxuries' Lilac Box as the perfect way to celebrate the start of lilac season on Mackinac.  💜 This box features lilac room spray, our signature lilac candle and our newest addition, lilac bicycle soap. 
April Cornell Lilac Tablecloths: Exquisitely printed on cotton and destined to imbue your home with happiness, tranquility and love— symbolic hallmarks long associated with the dreamy Lilac.
Lilac Tea Towel: This microfiber material is ultra absorbent and perfect for drying dishes. It will remind you of summer days on Mackinac! 
We also have a wonderful variety of lilac goodies that we know you are absolutely going to love. Visit this year’s lilac collection here: or stop in! We are open daily 9:30 am - 10 pm.

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