Ice Bridge

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I have never enjoyed Sunday's as much as I do now until our boys came into our world. I now look at Sunday's as the perfect family day and today was exactly that. 
Our exciting day consisted of taking our snowmobiles from St. Ignace, MI (located in the Upper Peninsula) to Mackinac. My husband and I have been across the 'ice bridge' several times together in the last twelve years, for leisure and for work. This time it was Tommy's (our youngest) first time on the bridge! Louie was lucky enough to cross as an infant....island living! 
Below are some photos I took along the way. Enjoy! 
We live in such a beautiful place. Getting outside and taking adventures (big or small) are good for the soul. 
Double trouble. #doudboys 
The view of the ice bridge from St. Ignace.
We had to settle for a bike helmet for the boys since we didn't have snowmobile helmets. Tommy's did not stay on the best, but it worked! 
Louie loved helping dad drive! 
We turned the engines off and took in the breathtaking views and experience of 'walking' across the Straits of Mackinac. 

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