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January 29, 2017

Grand Hotel Hibernating

It's winter on Mackinac Island and Grand Hotel is closed until April 2017. However, it is not as 'closed up' as you think. A maintenance team of 15 guys work all winter long on various projects, plus a painting crew.  This winter the 'big' project are new suites that are being added to the top floor. They sure are beautiful if you haven't seen one of the suites before! 
My first full season on Mackinac Island, after graduating from college, I worked at Grand Hotel as an assistant manager. I learned SO much and it was a wonderful experience for me. Closing down the hotel at the end of the season was one of the unique moments that stands out from my time at Grand Hotel. Mr. Musser gives an end of the season speech and rings a bell, then the hotel is officially closed. Employees quickly and efficiently cover furniture with sheets to cut down on dust over the winter months. Then in no time at all, it's 'quiet time' at Grand Hotel as well as on the rest of the island.....but quietly several new projects and repairs are in the works for the next new season!  
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02/24/2017 | 10:50 AM
Jeff Mutch says:

Thanks for sharing these great pictures of Grand Hotel’s winter closing! I bet you’ve got some great memories from working there after college. I can’t wait to check out the new additions that they add for the spring.

02/09/2017 | 10:22 AM
Sara says:

A very cool look into the Grand, for a time that so few of us get to experience! Love the idea of ringing a bell to welcome the following “quiet time” of being closed hehe :)

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