Christmas Holly's

Posted by Nicole Doud on

We all have holiday traditions which makes this time of year so much fun. My mom always made my brothers and I Christmas Holly's. They are cornflakes with marshmallows, butter and red cinnamon candies. So simple, but so tasty! They are quite sticky so you need to move quickly when making them. 

I made these yummy treats this morning. I didn't have any red cinnamon candies so I went with mnm's instead. The boys like these better actually! Check the recipe out below! 

Christmas Holly's

1 half stick of butter turn to low, 1 bag of marshmallows stir til melted, add green food coloring, add cornflakes (4 cups), stir completely then spoon onto wax paper in little balls as best as possible. They are sticky! Add your red cinnamon candies or mnm's to top. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays! 



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