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July 22, 2017

Artist of the Week: Lead Head

Lead Head Glass terrariums are handcrafted out of reclaimed glass and wood from deconstructed homes in Detriot.  They model their terrariums after 19th century Wardian Cases with an updated design.  The Wardian case was originally used to transport exotic plants around the globe, and is an ideal environment to raise your own miniature garden!
Every Lead Head Glass terrarium is made to order, and is as unique as the glass and wood it comes from.  They only use responsibly sourced materials from hand deconstructed homes.  The commitment of the company is to recycle and reuse local resources by creating fine American-crafted terrariums.
Another cool thing that Lead Head Glass does is offer classes that give you a chance to discuss the history of the terrariums, get your hands dirty white planting a terrarium of your own, see how the terrariums are made, and meet the artist’s behind them!  Plus, you get to do all of this while sipping drinks and snacking on appetizers.
Drop into Artists Market to see these amazing pieces of art! 
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