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4th of July

Happy Independence Day from Mackinac Island! I’m taking today to spend some time with my favorite boys, doing our 4th of July Mackinac traditions! 
Each 4th of July we start by celebrating with old fashioned family games at Windermere Point. Games like three legged races, water balloons balanced on spoons - the typical games you grew up playing every summer. We’ll take the boys down to watch and participate in all the fun and excitement. Their favorite part, of course, is the bounce house! During the day, there is a parade including the Mackinac Island fire truck that will go down Main Street, which we will watch, as well! 
After all the excitement, we will wait in anticipation for the sky to get darker and the firework show to start! 4th of July on Mackinac Island is so special and I’m so grateful that the boys get to grow up in such an incredible spot as this. I hope that however you are spending your holiday, that you are with those you love.
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07/10/2019 | 09:47 PM
Steve smith says:
my wife and I always stop in when we’re visiting the island. It’s my wife’s favorite place to shop. 👍

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